I won’t let you tear my world apart

You can feel it inside

It can’t be denied

When the time is to come

It will turn like the tide

And my heart is so wide

It could drown out the sun

And at least if I’ve tried

I can die when I’m done

And I tie up the tongue

With the wings at the side

And the lion gives strength,

And gives courage and pride

And I hurry in stride

To the future that waits

And then paint my name

Up upon pearly gates

The Earth it does quake

And the sky starts to fall

This ball of confusion is music to all 

And the youth they will call out the songs of the mad

And the truth will astonish the knowledge of man

And the blood of the lamb 

It will flood in the streets

And the gun in your hand

Ain’t nothin’ but peace

The ground opens up

Swallows me whole

The sky it unfolds

Like a great scroll 

And I fight for my soul

In this land of excess

With the sex and the drugs

And violence and death

And I’m silent in breath

And calm as the night

I’m so fly and so fresh

I’m so bomb on the mic

And I know

In a way

That we all

Get to stay

In a time

In a space

And revolve like the day

And the children will play 

in a hyper dimensional plane

And we all get to have 15 minutes of fame


You know we fly as hell

as far as I can tell

there aint no parallel 

now I’m comin out my shell

I put you in a spell

and you cant even tell

I stay hungry like I be hearin the dinner bell

Golden embryo shining in the void

boundaries disolve into resonant points

ten or eleven joints and then I should be even

veil of illusion, inebriated inter being

23 got that good shit

when the clay buffalo walks into the sea there are no footprints

dope music, emotional solar plexus

go to it with a flow thats so relentlessly ill 

when you hear it you have to dance

a lions cub should not chase an avalanche

data trance rhombus doctrinity obelisk

cross pollinate the frost bitten apocalypse

a 3 year old plays the drum

and silent too the chrysanthemum

the host is mute and the guest is dumb

praise the earth and bless the sun

press the button, yo we do it all for the love

a baseball bat with a ball and a glove

its like that, yo who runnin the meme war

a one eyed cat peeping into the fish store

we like this shit up like a fixture

spit more ill shit until my lips soar

a birthday cake as big as a house

with fireworks shooting out of my mouth

Guelph owns rap man Guelph rules rap

and thats a quote man you can use that

go for broke, unusual boombap, move back

cuz i’m soapin up this new track, uh ah


I’m the number cruncher, fuck sudoku

I be reppin for the golden horseshoe

except all that glitters is not gold

you get bought and sold

you get put on hold

truth be told to the tiniest nuetrino

now I’m comin at you like a flying burrito

deniro rapido to the timewave zero

its the dynasty of the antihero

pink flamingo, cooler than kris kringle

except only I am not evil

the memetic dream epic is a team effort

and true indeed we set it

like a death sentence

I’m the self proclaimed north american champion of tetris

and thats to say the least

and to slay the beast

then I guess I just raise the yeast

a day of fast and a day of feast

the name Noah, that means rest & peace

I spring ahead and I rake the leaves

Plague Language the famous emcees

cantankerous and contageous disease

ladies and germs, may I please now ask you to just take your seats

I bitch slap Bill Burroughs while I break the beats

Seraphim scarecrow, Sara Sahara terra incognito I’m playin a theremin (whoa)

ecological terrorist organization

a convex regular polyhedron

double decker dodecahedron dimitridon

get your freak on, cuz this is a freedom song

and there aint no room for discussion

I stay lookin sharp like a pin cussion




We will not be trapped by the days of old

I will not give up until I’m grey and gold

and live up to what I’ve said and told you

the image will be reborn tenfold

is there anything we dont eventually have to let go?

or is everything being sucked up into black hole

nothing can escape the gravitational force of regret

and the sorry repercussion of remorse, dont forget

the photogenic kodak moment blurs

a picture that says a thousand words

somehow it seems like I’m never sure

paradise on a travel brochure

no cure for this feeling I’ve got

I never woulda thought, that I never woulda thought

about a lotta things I thought i woulda never forgot

(dont stop) its like that, photoshop

twist off bottle, america’s next top model

pissed off like I’m living in Toronto

just get me to the next stop pronto

I wreck shop with Ceschi on the bongo drum

my heart goes dumb, my heart goes rum bitty bam

and Danny dont rap yo! 

(ceschi / verse 2)

"we will not be trapped by the days of old

I will not give up until I’m gray and gold”

but I’ll 

try my best 

to never fully forget 

the contours of your face 

under midnight sweat

in a rat nest room

you were passing through

like the flash on a polaroid 

"hi, how are you?"


I don’t really care, as long we never “play cards with satan”

we’ll have nothing here to fear

it’s so wonderful to tear little pieces of flesh and make them

into the invincible 

we’ll elaborate the molding until they become oceans

all the pretty colors are still there

bright and beautifully blinding as ever.

some things last lifetimes

some things are ephemeral 

your face on my mind has been engraved into every nugget of brain cell

"some things last a long time"

some things are soon done

your taste on my tongue has been injected into each one of its taste buds


Life is like a pinball game

Your money just goes down the drain,

It’s fun, I guess, I can’t complain

It’s quarters in

Flippers go

Around the ramp

And down the hole

Caught in a pinball machine x4

All the time that we spent

And all the things that we did 

Now I’m feelin’ seasick,

Without your love- I need it

I’m screamin’ like a phoenix

And feelin’ hella weeded

All you pretty libras

I’m lovin’ you girl, like Venus!

Caught in a pinball machine

Life is like a pinball game

Your money just goes down the drain

It’s fun, I guess, I can’t complain

Saw you at the arcade,

I’m sorry that it burned down

Walkin’ through the Stargate

And hoping that it works out

Maybe one day we’ll learn how

Resistance is fertile

'Cuz history is her's now

I’m kissing the blistering winds and turning south

Caught in a pinball machine

Life is like a pinball game

Your money just goes down the drain

It’s fun, I guess, I can’t complain


stop time and freeze the machines that we

stop time and freeze the machines that we

stop time and freeze the machines 

we’ve become the machines

we’ve become 

the machines we’ve become

be here now cuz theres no school player

a roosters attacking, i’m back from digitaria

with an empty humor and a human pretzel duke

tapeworm harvest, egad and gadzooks

soulcatcher canis major trade imbargo

tachyeon nostril trachyea console 

your bizarre cosmological study buddy

i’m the only noah, only 23, theres no copies

growing poppies illuminati g lodge beeblebrox

string theory springsteen elohim equinox

when above enuma elish, california dreaming uberalis

your army salivates from salvia valis

palace of smashed glass, hall of mirrors

three dimensional syntax with a jazzy veneer

its the atmospheric pressure cooker

what the fuck do i care if the shores come in?

bring a twin pile in

now how many pieces of an ego smashed 

will i be able to remember and then bring back?

sting that contraption honeycomb rap scaffolding

function patternalia rudament grid phonic

the largest skid harness and bling jib lozenges

that will rid you of your shark cartelidge

its the frigidaire crystal clear idea pangea

banded hairstreak blitzkreig guerilla theatre

23 litres of tequila thats built to spill

inanonimity ville the alias psuedonym suits me well

macdonell dwelling interstellar cellular automata 

cracking the oracle for better or worse

i beckon the insects to come forth

while these emcees are bathing in a salty froth

batwing lost oblivion speed pill

weeble warp marble this the PL

square oranges squeegie kid bt bottle

nervous is not in the vocab tomorrow

filem vines on the wall of city

forever just prove that green is infinity

heres some basil mash mixed with cactus juice

but after that you just might have to puke

seven rats follow your nose through the gateway of marvels

not exalting cleverness

unimpeded harmony resolves complication 

continuous just on the brink of existance

spirits keeping centered

for those who dont know, those who know dont say

this is photo soul decay


we do not have to travel far to reach the place of our inception

it is right around the corner lurking 

shining from within the crevaces of never ending darkness

alley key tarantulas

embark upon a higher journey

bloodmoney scuzzbucket volapuk honeysuckle

ragnarock colorabi balrog spin the bottle

axis mundi tall glass colorado mardis gras

dilapidated aphidavit, red apple falls

yes yall unconventional sensorium

diva civ nephilim pretzel, hail discordia

drizzle pivot linguistic assymetrical haircut

its an electroclash fesitval, you’ll never wake up

sleeping on eternal wings, desert rose in the winter

freezerburn scorpio sting, lizard lion eagle

scales tipping, ears ringing, spring change the season

fail to realize the weakest link is the kings allegence

look twice, fishbird, cook ice, booklice

gift for words, shook mics, hit the nerve in your eyeball

its the autopilot nightcrawl

suspect chins rewind this twice yall

defense is the greatest offense like hextall

break neck speed media prank  its warhol

freestyle, free for all, free float, free fall, total recall

if a tree falls will it awake a sleeping giant from out of a drowsey slumber

with a sound that is loud as pounding thunder

counter culture, power in numbers, crouching tiger tails

you bite your nails, nine flights up on the spiral stairs

but i’m prepared and advanced by light years

beyond your negative and repetative nightmares

and day dreams, man, they all make believe

i aint trying to recreate the scene of james dean

i just bring pure heat to the pyramid scheme

ritual drinking burn feet jumping bean

vulnerability is from where my strength is gained

tunneling at both ends the dimensions will penetrate

peacock angel, more punk rock than hollywood

rotting onions and garlic, hemoglobin chem trail exhaust

i blow the heat off cold cereal

untold unheard old earth, ethereal

i seem to have an ability to make most people not feel themselves

like dose one and van morrison

janitorial custodian, host organism

post immortal boredom, love and devotion

mudhoney fuzzy logic symbiot knuckle head

father sky annunaki rude bwoy junglist

down and dirty long lost one man party yall

weave the thread of postivity til its continual

learning curve ball, logos burn eternal

world within a world keep turning

cup runeth over, its the lucky clover leaflet

fibonacci sequence

emit frequencies, leave it at this

deep space machinery, its the sattelite dish

elephant preying mantis, theory and practice

leaky faucet, awareness of awareness

speaking nonsense, captain clark racketeering

this rap shits not about a career seen?

careening immortal branded in the subconcious

plague language, stay awake we make omlettes

scarlet fever tiamat jihad megladon

astroid cajun explosion, tetragargantuan

corrosion of conformity crucify holy rosary

twice removed from a stupifying story

we do not have to travel far to reach the place of our inception

it is right around the corner lurking 

shining from within the crevaces of never ending darkness

alley key tarantulas

embark upon a higher journey

cut the string off the marionette

then tie it around your finger to never forget


its the godhead omlet,  novelty timewave comet

symbiotic mindspray, nightshade on it

memphis and mizraim megajoule magnolia

thanatos urugu, angola prison rodeo

cobalt oxide cadmium umber

vamos a fumar montequia (smoke butter?)

your freestyles are set up fake like pearl harbor

and your lines are contrived like trying for girls numbers

discernment, down the hatch, bottoms up the thorax

the roof of my mouth is a tibetan nomad

the forcast is teargas and omnipresent

most raps i hear cats utter are defective

gag reflex with bad sequence and wack pretense

the lap of luxury lacks defense from the rap zenith

pinnacle pineal gland excretions

bringing heat like cayenne and yall need some fire extinguishers

i was sent forth from lake saint john 

to break it down to the break of dawn, break north this is the yukon

quagmyre chariots of fire never retire

bury the liar hostile environment style

westnile deisel mosquito feed on vehicles

sacrament and ritual, viper centipede blizzard, kiss of the black widow

window of opportunity looting the facility

all eye seeing retina, a pile of kine indica

i’m bettin i ouroboro kids and leavin em seekin the carrot

the gold of the globe only the meek shall inherit

i was told to speak only on a special occasion

by a hushed voice in a distant relatives basement

talking can destroy the fundamental basics of communication

i’m not paranoid, i’m just explaing and restating what i’ve heard

dont say another word, you heard it here first

just tell em the twenty third murdered the verse

hovering water dehydration mirage never aquired

something like an infinite quest of unfullfilled desire

the student kills the teacher, why is it cliche is admirable?

memes rather, watching tv in the hereafter

no fear factor, put the pattern on the positive events

if my foot shattered or if i lost my leg

like my grandpa brickley, i would definot-ately

stop or think of quitting til i got finished



salty salty camera shy

i don’t want no mechanical bride

twenty twelve conveyor belts city of guelph

reppin this aquarius stee like virginia wolf

makin em melt down, tin can delta wingspan

wild children in the village of the damned

slow it down, song is sacred

i stole that one up from the pavement

chimpanze fitted with implants

crystal ball reading your palm, freelance

innate belief, relate to grief, the cake is sweet

awake the streets and make your feet shake to the breaking beat

only so many songs can be sung

with two lips two lungs and one tongue

cut-throat, you beat me? fuck no

thats like aesop rock with no tugboat

and yo the way i chat on a jungle beat

its just the nanobot, theres no other me

number crunch milton acorn ornette coleman

rodan omlette prehistoric phosphorescent bone fragment

freak accident, each one teach a tactic

the beat gets battered up, i reek havoc

vicious cycle mighty avenger

got to be careful with the lines i lend ya

rhymes i render, all eye seeing retina

register a plethora of nebula et cetera

demopublicans and repocrats

the day of the triffids, man eating traps

pen feeding back, freelance foibles

zenarchist, guelph town brillo pad, beats are royal

flood the planet where the dove landed

the love bandit brushing up on the canvas

transmit pivotal reincarnation back to it

from the slacking students to the happy mutants 

boombastic music, twenty three skidoo, the yukon

prints (prince) of the cambell soup is greeted with a lukewarm reception

super contra diction 

new fangled jupiter sajitarius, knowledge and wisdom

overstand, photoscan the logogram

cultivate, enunciate, fluctuate

terra incognito baton rouge blueberry soup

aries moon, spoon bending passion fruit neteru

dark matter yellow jacket captain clark sting of the marshes

swamp things, sting of the wasp, its

the laberynth chasm expanse grabbin for grands

sand falling through hands, i shatter master plans

in the multi-v flying v formation

twenty three lying dormant waiting in hybernation

catapult stipulations strict lip service

manipulate accent, nuance, the ill cadence

spill radiance til we chill famous

its the real deal, inanonimity ville, build with pleidians

still stating this to ward off negative scripts

mildew blitz filter windmill scissor kicks

viper centipede blizzard pl sixth sense

krinkle cut wild oats biodome picket fence

yo its pet sounds vs. sgt. peppers

double decker domitridon chubber checker

silver bullet, i’m fiddin to kill the puppet 

that built the summit with no guilt from having did done it

i have a simple process kept to the rhythm 

of the all perveying cycle to the tempo in the middle

transcendental hammerhead rheostatic shit coniption

wisdom teeth is rotting out the plasma tv in the kitchen

has a radiating aura seeping in my cranium

i cannot seem to keep from vanishing, its unexplainable

the stamina i cultivate inside the holy fibres

is a tapestry of sustenance and verbal fortifiers

the stamina i cultivate inside the holy fibres

is a tapestry of sustenance and verbal fortifiers


its the lizard lion eagle, mystifying people, sitting high on a steeple

liquifying evil with a divine cerebreal

super jazz hilarious jupiter sajitarius

i’m breaking through all your stupid rap barriers

so tell me now, who flew the coup featherless

with two treasure chests, one in bermuda, one in budapest

the nucleus is dark red with flaming cannon balls

dust girl of the valley calls me frank sinatra

caterpillars arial andromeda

media prank sanctuary inexhaustable

immaculate boundary dissolving ubiquitous in june

parallax ionic erasurehead to the dune

treasury odds & ends golden egg

agony of intuition, don’t mean to brag

sentences sweat glass beads then destroy acme

hit em with a monsoon hurricane halfbreed

breakdance to shape the sound circle

rembrandts awake the clock funeral

change up the culture give phlegm to the flag

nova express put the pen to the pad

shotglass full of wheatgrass knock your kneecaps

scab adam weishaupt alien workshop

petit mort its the meme war on the keyboard

genisis p orridge triple the seahorse

redistribute misery undo poverty

still ugly and its filled with scarcity

concrete special developments wallstreet central intelligence

theres always plenty pain to go around

we came to rock the microphone live tonight 

and tonight we’re gonna rock mics

coming attraction to ditches and pastures

beware i’ma sick syllables on you bastards

get rendered null, gravitational pull, red bull

lend a hand to a numbskull 

dustbowl pop sensation omnipotent krill noodle

psuedo metro renegade retrograde pluto

when above i get down

enuma elish thats the sound

pound simple tempo slick

ground ego lay the brick

readers digest this endtime comedy of errors

but get hungry when apocalyptical thoughts disappear

drinking swamp beer, tossing chairs causing bar fights

(whats poppin yo?) its just the swapping of swamp life

flower sand hierarchy rust impermanent

my conchshell tantra serpents concoct networks

and if they were to spit they’d crack your cranium

with haneous brainstems and academic macadamians

penguins hobbling walking on freezing ices

enoch, copper eases arthritis

my first name means peace & rest, 23 is chaos

i keep balance like taking a vow of silence

ruby red deva vu plague language fever

super friend caribou creek cranial seizure

make believe like puppet governments, spike circumference

tangerine strike the site like mic ultimate

we came to rock the microphone live tonight 

and tonight we’re gonna rock mics


when i wrote this the seed was my theme song

if you focus long enough you’ll be in my arms

green thumb, june bug, tapeworm, sand dune

sirius b-boy, dog day afternoon

its summertime and the living is

yog sothoth with a red unicorn crest

android chestplate robot sufi

james joyce finnegans wake is chop sui to you

but to me its bootleg satori enlightenment 

and i know deep down you’re liking it

water quale, chick arm, twisted flax wick

leg mouth reed leaf basket basket

water quale, chick arm, twisted flax wick

leg mouth reed leaf basket basket

in the last days of these kingdoms when their sin is at its height

a king shall appear, harsh and grim, a master of the strategem

imagine a dream in which you didnt awaken 

living forever inside of a virtual simulacrum

bourgeois cyborg corporate beaurocracy

the stories finally told and its a astonishing

hyperbole tornado toxic sludge

zenith dub sputnik man i got it locked up

cakewalk gin rummy tagpole stigmata

cinnemon toast crunch grassy knoll pinata

thalidomide babies edgar cayce diggin to hades

in a dingey dungeon where it aint all vegan gravy

i take the plunge in embalming fluid with beautiful corpses

dressed to kill and drop dead gorgeous

storming through the forest with torches to scorch your fortress

horseshoe halcyon solstice ghost orchid

woman who lived in a shoe shoemaker levy

twenty three submarine like blue meenie

jellyfish television belly of the beast

helicopter cell division raising hella heat

a mellow cerebellum rebelling 

unintelligable children that rebuild the kingdom from the rumble

columbia pandemonium serotonin

i’m coy, joy division, leonard cohen

embrace the unknown, no heart is artificial

realize all things decay and die in cycles

tom fool ninja star, swamp grass, dueling banjos

culminating strange attractor, rap like i’m surfing channels

einstein balloon, pinball machine drifter, eloquent essential

i dont own these lyrics, they chew cud freerange

chasm expanse, hodge podge dreamscape

hive mentality, nano-anthropod

goth castle matador pulling out the table cloth (thoth)

carbon dating, mechanical bull prize fighter

kangaroo boxer, pay per view madula oblongata

stock option mafia copland marshall law

narcotic officer auctioning block molotov


(ready to give up so i seek the old earth)

survival of the sharest, wild alphanumerics

on the sly i piledrive, smile for the cameras

time frame/ lemon lime, highway/ plenty high

cry me a riverbed moonbeam, aight?

no more crabs in a barrel, to stab at the marrow

uniform fashion police in drab apparell

i’m dabbling nomadic got my hankerchief on a stick

eloborate overflow, lexiconvex miniscus

extra sensory perception is a prerequisite

sensory deprivation is second heaven kid

ultra violet radio, mister lizard lion eagle

visiting see through coffins with real live people

the tower and the sacred chao (cow)

power to break it down, flower vs. tank, the paper crane style

jupiter sajitarius, capitalist or communist

this is truly the rarest to whom or what regardless 

its the market collapsing on you mark ass busters

jumping the shark, stark as a skyscraper

covered in vines heirophant pitchfork nommos, stay strong 

raw salmonilla seaclam, remain calm

take it back to the malt shops and hot rods

isotope polywog oxcart

calorabi balrog cosmic accident, studio project

synchronicity coincidence semiotics

morphogenetic sandbox circus biofeedback lupus

short end of the yarrow stalks, do we know how to do this?

delete the nimrod smartcard cursed jukebox

peacocks beeblebrox mondex the truth hurts

fake nihilists riding spider bicyclettes

granite decimal shrine psilocybin biotechs

mugwump, unlearning the germ of terminal illness

gallow haunt joke, sordid word collision

glass beads cant abacus my string theory (smashing darling)

dance abstract in pierced earrings

drinking tears these verses are similar to

fear of the meaning thats inherent in you

apparent and true i can only do what comes natural

fuck the hassle, so be it if in a thrash circle i walk backwards

if a stream trickles up to the ancient sky in a hollow earth perverse

so help me i will swallow my words

the calmness is all in me, the style is street, the style is witty

aquarius kinky reggae

think tank brigade aimed at books for books sake

toothpick chinook insane, look at the cooks face

you cant explain what took place in the eyes of a pirate

giant squid inside out dollar signs and shit

honky tonk donkey kong knock knock joke

phenomenon, bardo pond off the top rope


Noah23’s the name, never gonna change

things’ll never be the same (plague language)

take me to your leader, the anarchist nemesis travel to the center of the earth

hit a bit of indica, the mission is impossible

we let it go unusual but we’re just here to let you know

the equinox is spherical and chicken pox is spreading

to the point of no return the universe is turning over

super nova helicopter, suddenly the funny feeling

in the bottom of my stomach then i touch the ceiling

dont ever try to fight the feeling that you get inside

and always recognize there could be more

flow upon the microphone its enter the dragon

and do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

connect the dots, we connect the dots

connect the dots, you got chicken pox

lemme hear ya say sketch pad, amphibious salamander

death bed, i’mma see you in the after hours

charisma thrusters in the circumference

we are both men of action, lies do not become us

aint no secret tong, i been wrong

idiot savant, its the qui gong

i’mma knock the taste buds off your feet

never in my life did i ever think

that i’d leap into synchronicity to such a degree

silly me, how could i have forgot the original thought

serendipity chicken pox, 2 point 21 jigawatts

we’re the flame to the moth and its painfully obvious

aim at the targets we play with your conciousness

chasing the profits its blatant, your face is all wrong

mangle the table of contents

flame to the moth and its painfully obvious

aim at the targets we play with your conciousness

chasing the profits its blatant, your face is all wrong

mangle the table of contents

connect the dots, we connect the dots

Noah23’s the name, never gonna chance, things’ll never be the same


peacock angel pleides android prana

drinking up all the ambrosia nectar

tender wishbone vector lambast you pissant nitwits

my syntax goes the distance

phantom lim(b)merick, mood anthem homie 

(poof) add water, instant zambonie

chunky jargon cardboard cut out

shrouded in mystery, the volapuk shut out

tongue grout ol thunder mouth

white house silhouetted by a mushroom cloud (what now?!)

spiral knuckle sandwich snow plow

bulldozer woolly mammoth know how

low brow stegasaurus lego block skittle

ghost town, horus hawkwind instrumental

wet cement dented fender sunset boulevard

nefertitti fertile crescent nocturnal wooping cough

ya mas, to your health brethran

ishtar fatima, earths the real heaven

valhalla horizontal solar panels illustrating cryogenic pendulums

then i blow out the candles

off the handle like a mandelbrot fractal

tricerotops with the fossil

splice up the syllable, primordial soup

photon ice chizzle, its a quarter to two

i dont know about me, i dont know about you

23 skidoo

dont be letting the devil television snatch up your element

PL rebelling with every single solitary syllable my tongue can spit

banana clip mystery train painting the canvases

rain check infinite pain brain damages

the alantic gets drained leaky faucet suspended in mid air

been there, sending the signal into the kids ears

information / emotion intertwined for insurrection

see if aint broken then destroy and rebuild it

if the tapes rolling live make noise and keep filming

said seven strollers eight strollers nine spring children

cant divide the divine wilderness, delta wing epistem

coincide for the dimensional portal, mescal hexagram


walk dogs ad naseum, wax museum, carpe diem

add on and cast away the demon paramecium

vexation and toil, bad apple exile fruition

bad habits and stressed out superstition

topple the opposite trick gate, false ego creatures disintegrate 

metropolis ixnay, non devotional to the cover up

aliens surgeons killed the president with intelligent spores

chain in command, supply and demand chain store

contageous flaming lips cold sore blowing up

with this twin infinity style like royal trux

celebrity justice double jeopardy, risking everything

irrational and unaware international affair

star making machinery lampoon you big dummy

hollywood 23 skidoo this is the fuzzy logos cerebellum

tranquility tau ceti material nature

and i’m just about ready to really face her

duality platform academy blackthorn

magnavox super rap capricorn

ragweed annunaki quantum mechanic

panic stricken distant galaxy balancing act

listen to the 9 electrons octave swamp ornament

pompateel lepton propeller gonzo journalist, odd vocalist

bardo pondscum flash freeze

whence commenth, disease sneeze vs. vaccine

vacuum oyster intro, alchemical inuendo, mount weather

noise pollution immunity, crescendo sound level

brain activity next best path, samizdat(ura)

ursa minor major k-9 teeth

digitaria nameless guitar player, matsuri super string

duty free beauty sleep just aint what it used to be

the truth hurts my work is too diverse and i know it

but atleast i have the courage to step up and record it

perched on the periphery, free music philosophy

now gimme your money, the wrathful lotus deity

indicate initial point of infinity receive metal arrows (sagittarius the archer)

shallow alkaline basin, no funk and wagnals (*reference to “Julia Set”… free dictionary)

tag along in the gobi desert, in a minute

your bones’ll be picked clean, it aint so pleasant is it, is it

proximity mine time machine launch pad copyleft

19.5 camel caravan hot to death

vasocontrictor, stir the elixir

i concur, words that i whisper

with my tongue muscle, yo you dumb fucko

i hustle, bust your shit up on the humble

jungle, whatever, i’m a legend in the making

fuck a vendetta, your sentences i’m erasing

all emcees, poets, warriors, step up and face the challenge

you’ll get served an ice cream cigarette salad

sit down and write myself a nice little ballad

or freestyle all night like it never even mattered

nomadic photon magnetic twilight

getting my flow on, having the hind sight

of autumns past cosmonaut caloquial

cardiac arrest baltimore oriole

sequoia snowpeak flow speak on a broke beat

slow leak on soul seek i dont eat

detailed parable non-perishable antiquity

blink and you miss it, pictorial mischeif

ego trip millbrook eccentric genius

here to shit on the merovingians

smithsonian institute windows 2012 luxor 

sanskrit  vortex fortune 

in accordance with the old earth

divide the primordial void

covert operations

turtle bear


please child dont go

please child dont go

please child dont go

recycle inkblots, dancing frog in a freezer box

sisters of mercy, this the vernal equinox

quicksilver instrinsic descended the escarpment

tetragrammaton, daniel johnston

panopticon polygram penumbra tundra worx puppylove 

off the hook, many rivers to cross

perserverance, find a niche eating pixels

media prank, cantankerous, cheating weasels

winds of change, guided by voices, high horses

imperial gaze with limited time offers

psychobabble niagra barrel ride

salty and camera shy, family ties, friendly skies

kereoke casino world leader prestige, excess debris

retro eighties, the desolate technique

gazebo, pagoda, bodega

metro goldwyn mayer

theres a party going on over hurr

please child dont go

please child dont go

please child dont go

vespertine zaidako coaxial membrane peat (pete) moss

i love hip hop

big tings a gwan still

i start to think and then i sink into the quicksand 

like i was me

23 love the kids

a plague on both your houses

we getting crunk non-stop

yo its yukon dawn

on the waiting list at hip hop hunks dot com

sun moon and star, ontario gumball machine

dump truck junkyard scrap heap acme

salvia dynamic opposites creating one another

stagnant like K-hole, clarinet cobra

comet wipe out pennsylvania, florida

naming the storm, chlorophilosphy

seminal, dancer in the dark, antlers get caught

X marks the spot


all the spades upside down

all the spades upside down

this is just a little rap inspired by you

and the way that lifes path tends to spiral in two

you see this ink fork on my inner arm?

dont think dont think dont think that i dont know you at all

its the call of the wild children that we all are

stay lonely in texas, dont fall for no star

lemon and cayenne juice still couldnt clean you outta my blood

i smelled you everywhere remember when we saw them skunks more than once

it all just falls through my hands

duncecapped an aquarius who cant even water plants

all the girls in the south of france do a dance with a scorpion in their pants

all the girls in the south of france do the dance with the scorpion

from the dove to the figleaf, rainbow to the sunshine

i dont wanna live forever leave it for the reptilian bloodline

and i will drive my chariots down your streets and cry

its me, i’m dynamite and i dont know why

i dont know why it took me so long to break it down

i guess silence is golden sealed from making sounds

and upside down spades was made for the breaking

my heart is now a broken cookie, free for the taking

bleeding and painfully obvious something awful

i could drop a water and make it go up

but only if your inner ears would really listen

i could be your knowledge and you could be my wisdom

dumuzi, you know that wild horses couldnt-hush

forget compliments now i’m icefishing for lust

its all about the scarlet toenail polish

all about the scarlet toenail polish

from the dove to the figleaf, rainbow to the sunshine

i dont wanna live forever leave it for the reptilian bloodline


bank like ahab chasing the great whale

smell the sea water and electric eels

a paper trail chasing its own tail

a pocket full of krill, i had my thrill up on blueberry hill

its the year of the black sheep, astral weeks, last to speak

before your ship sinks you better patch the leak

black market nuclear bombs are dirt cheap

hats off to yukon dawn the nerd sheik

say word, traffic jam highway robbery

that resistance jawn? reverse psychology

meaning the persistance of time is steady melting clocks

giving out salvador dali lama head shots

the emerging culture needs to get hit with a divine intervention

by an unseen force thats too delicate to mention

ecosystem energy, the invisable landscape

will not be healed by a softbatch bandaid

commodified desire, apathetic conditioning

crust in the eye of sandman rapture quickening

where there is mastery there is no mystery

pulse in order to evolve, realize synchronicity

maximize aerodynamic efficiency with no hostility

zap intellect, simple divinity

my psyche is sporadic and mingles 

while your lack of personality is wack in single file

salvia divinorum sauce craft human juice museum

hot flash, dinner is ruined, rheumatism

rootless cosmopolitanism rewind the rumor mill

emblem embalism, i’m fly and super ill (enlil)

disinformation ozone thirteen zeros

fresh meadow biomystic forcefield crescendos

overtone chanting, world bridging person, irksome

two faced janus, narrowly averted

the planets crazy dangling babies from nooks and crannys

ever have the feeling this happened already?

deep in the horses mouth is a whisper

my style of rhyming is sweeter than merryl nisker

bank like ahab chasing the great whale

smell the sea water and electric eels

a paper trail chasing its own tail

a pocket full of krill, i had my thrill up on blueberry hill

too many roaches, ducks and germs in the oval office

laundrymat nebula burn, i throw comets

the rerun has just begun, eating peaches and plums 

with bleeding gums, area 51

groom lake is fuckin nil in comparison

to the inner sanctum of my astral projection

san pedros gate pan ku awaken

universal journalist reuniting families of zoo plankton

ayahuasca, mayan calendar, dialectromagnet

death is inevitable in lifes pageant

trife/tragic in my eyes precise balance

new order, no order, light up the chalice

white rabbit wing foot give chase

mic talent chimney soot rib cage

you cant contain the contageous cadence in the phrases

plague language player, i’ll make you famous

in the real world where the canvas gets oiled

by the nothingness which devours up planets and soil

warchild orphan dissident angel messenger bacteria

the future dangles, chem trail aircraft carrier

wave mantra, giraffe hyena

shooting yourself in the foots not a bad idea

just ask prescot bush

not a touch of emotion, i’m a cub of the tzolkien

glowskull got you open

ozark mountains moonshine X spoonbend

counting lucky stars epidemic epic soon end

the second movement

reawaken the ancient music


coffee & cigarettes, god part of the brain

broke lines and ink scissors its all part of the game

coffee & cigarettes, omni-simultaneous

we big big big building builders

eternally self referential as seen in the works of nature

a tree reincarnated as a sky scraper

tiamat jihad is just my way of saying

that I’m striving for god on earth for what its worth

the first shall be last, the last shall be first

the burst’ ll be blast and the blast’ll be burst

nurturing inertia, I put a curse on the prince

searching for that which I’ve missed until convinced

pinch me I’m dreaming

picture this viscious fish miracle birth vehicle leaning 

tertiary split residual

theoretically impossible omnidirectional model

grandfather clock fuzzy logic with a jellyfish fossil

coffee & cigarettes

the sounds of the summer are louder than thunder

I found my number

23 rippin the track, the realest in rhyme

I triple the ripple in time

sitting and chilling and building and

drinking a beer with a twist of lime

get in line

I’m fitting to get mine 

but realize that we’re all intertwined

this is the aquarius god cypher divine

yo sun, this fresh product is unlimited

scorpion cryptogram as I’m spittin it

dancing in circles we find our essence is infinite

listening to the lyrics as I’m spittin it

sand storm cranberry cherry beach

apple to the pear to the plum to the peach

getting crunk in this cartoon world

where emcees are stepford

erase your head forever stamped with a dead word

makeshift snakeskin atheist

yo I ate yall for breakfast ages ago check this


lesson number one, never guffaw when I talk at ya

I bring a joyful noise like Sun Ra’s Arkestra

bark at the moon appearing at twilight

cartoon featurette, a tear in my minds eye

a spherical timeline, the abyss of hyperspace

with a twist of lime, trying to kiss the vipers face

operation mindfuck cybergnosis

rise up (what) God is my co-pilot

Fuzzy Logic alchemical

chrysanthemum omnidirectional

stand corrected, beginning of the end

earth medicine, an interesting specimen

so let me rock this, collective unconcious

gemini heartless, wet and dry garbage

ten times farther into the void

ten times harder, build and destroy

fusion reactor its the super rapper

move back to get a good view of the disaster

where you at?

dream love drifter spider dollie mixture

midnight runner its the number cruncher

Frita Khalo phantom limb Hank Williams

Aeides Vexan, I aims to kills em

Paisley Imperial stay crazy chillin

pay bills and keep my brain to the ceilin

Train Rawber villain representing Guelph Ontario

I park a car on your grave like the Baker Street burial

shake feet to stereo, there we go again

blowin through the joint just like a solar wind

only the Lord knows what is soon to come

monsoon clouds surround the one with two tongues

its a fork in the road to nowhere fast

zodiactual facts, sociopath raps

I know em like the back of the hand that I use to slap

wack cats for tryin to act like they not using crack

proving that I got what it takes, I’m on the up and up

cruising round through outerspace like on the Hubble Bunk

telescope hella dope anecdotal Chernobyl

prototypical never, I’m letting it go forever

Noah23 bound for glory

straight schoolin heads like Waldorf and Montesori

trachyea tachyeon halcyon alchemy

23 tacoma hellfarm tragedy

cranial sacral radio plasma 

sketch pad spellcaster, strange attractor

Ganymede takeover, ambrosia

run through with these crazy horses

from ice island you die trying event horizon

psilocybin, I like rhymin

timing is what you gotta be good with

I’m coming out with a new line of bodily fluids

Obsidian Liquid 23 shifted

MadAdaM on the beats you know its always wicked

Obsidian Liquid 23 shifted

MadAdaM on the beats you know its always wicked


straight from ice island its the crystal cave carver

twisted Train Rawber water bearer heavenly father

the underground skyhawk, elemental symbology 

symbiot umbilical reaching up for the harmony

looking glass periphereal view

23 skidoo spitting it true, sick as the flu

the glass roof glass bottom hourglass sourface

power house after thought isolated showers raining down

on deliberate celebration dancing on eggshells

wellwishing citizens get twisted like pretzels

forever in a day, there aint much more to say

I feel it in a weird sort of way

Salvador Dali Lama salvia divinorum

my brain is collosal so I’m askin whats up now partner?

got a lotta love for Hip Hop (and it dont stop)

its the whole concept (bring that shit)

get you open like a lotus, the deity wrathful

bashful, machinery axel, flee the fiasco

eating an apple fig newton (fig what?)

a figment of your imagination and your still persuing my last statement

ancient luxurious, aquarius pharoah

you can call me nerd rap the day I do a track with Pharell

my fever scarlet, godhead omlet, so be a part of this

retarded cognitive thought process, we rocking it

yes yes yall and ya dont stop

we got the MadAdaM makin the beats hot

yes yes yall and ya dont quit

we got the Noah23 and he’s gon spit

yes yes yall and ya dont stop

we got the MadAdaM keepin the beats on lock

yes yes yall and ya cant quit

its the Noah23 Crab Nebula ultimate

the name is Noah Raymond Brickley

born and raised a hippy so sometimes I dont aim so quickly

strictly stickin to the sick synchronicity

building brick by brick until infinity

mid Natchez poised serenity

kid I spit classic enjoy the recipe

the noise is heavenly, entropy circuit breaker

zeta reticuli, indigo mountain vapor


you cant fathom this

I’m chillin with Ray Bradbury at the Haight & Ashbury

hypothesizing the origin of caramel up in the Cadbury

its a sad story, aint it a pity

its kinda hard being a saint in the city

I paint the town red, astounding off the head

the sound of pitter patter, translinguistic matter

see the afterglow? the status quo has to go

rap with mad flow at the show, yagga yo

never bored in the cut, kundalini caduceus

bizarre alien artifact, galactic turbulence

celebrating decadence at the head of the class

steadfast, when I blast, you’re dead last

you get pimp slapped by the pimpbot

for over analyzing Hip Hop

thats like trying to spell the name of God

insane God, I hijack your train of thought

you plain forgot, you cant say Taoism

its plain yogurt man, and that goes without saying

down in the basement the rap honeycomb…

you cant fathom this

we got power hungry war mongers drowning in oil

from the four corners and they’re tryin destroy you

noise pollution, android revolution

liquid aluminum and paranoid delusions

I say that nothing is useless

cuz one mans garbage is another mans mondex

my thoughts just arent what they used to be

but I still rock and clock in with the super speed

droppin it from a perspective 

that you’ve never seen in your life and I’m hyper than ever

the river of ether that filters the weather

will demolish empirical demons forever

primordial green feather

beautifully colored miracle

spirit botanical, mimicking the chemicals

Noah23 straight spit it original with the MadAdaM

the styles you cant fathom

whats happenin? its the Captain Clark Nanobot

I rep with the fractal Mandelbrot

triceretops dinosaur grabbin a mic cord

Bourgeois Cyborg for life Lord


nebula… nebula…

I’m goin off, bouncing off the walls

leave me down below the stars

balancing the magnetic pole

try to practice letting go

I’ll let you know with the zen antennae chain reaction

prana yama indica strain relaxin

Captain Clark captain crunch the number circumference

monkey wrench love sick

butterfly stomper dub trible alumni

this is what it sounds like when the doves cry

lunatic land rover lazily burn dro

when the goin gets weird the weird turn pro

thirteen full circle gaurdian angel

anti gravity oxygen tank star spangled

danglin babies crazy with blanket statements

amazing grace Paisley Imperial Plague Language

premium dream sequence paramecium

meme war museum

we came to kill the beast in em ever since

the precambrian coliander collinder

I stand taller on the amps and bass monitor

negative integer crystal skull umbrella

artificial thought pusher, what else can I tell ya

you’re listening to the sounds of the 23rd Elder

delta wing Guelph Oracle interstellar

satellite dish birdfish ishtar

situationist perplexing jigsaw

sonic architexture super scientifical

no such thing as twins, dual pivotal

folding dusted wings, too predictable

golden rusted rings, true miracle

view master cadillac gasoline baptism

salvia divinorum flashback algorythm

prism spectum analytical thinking

spinning out of control

spinning out of control

spinning out of control

spinning out of control


Hip Hop will eat itself

I’m a symbiot reppin in the city of Guelph

Dementia Praecox, its the Twiz Thrizzy

off the hizzy like Gary Busey, everybody get busy

crystal cromag carbohydrate

still driving down that lost highway

staying hungry as I hit you in the funny bone

godhead omlet yo, there aint nobody home

its the return of the sacred albino buffalo

burning and blazing, pyromania

Brando in the sunSeth, cassanova klondike

bardo pondscum bunning up the Walter Chronikite

utopian oracle discordian scorceror

altering the patterns of destiny up in the corridor

wheel of fortune fortell the future

you stupid humans cant even spell computer

event horus-sun astral plane

mushroom cloud guess whos back again

its the media prank biofeedback biodiversity

on the outskirts of potentiality

there aint no question

alumni and brethran

my old trusty weapon

is a tongue full of venom

a sunrise in heaven

dub tribe rebellion

reppin this steadily

the power of suggestion

tommahawk baraka, annunaki quantum leap

dharma body heart chakra astonishing

stompin the thought police

with a bottle of oxygen and a rocket from the crypt

aerodynamic like the four winds of the apocalypse

I place the sun in a crokano middle

and wake the one with a comatose temple

dry the wings of a syntax neutron

starry eyed meek shall inherit (so stay strong)

everything has a dream like quality to it

I try to speak right and always honor the music

confusion is sex confusion is sex

there aint no question

alumni and brethran

my old trusty weapon

is a tongue full of venom

a sunrise in heaven

dub tribe rebellion

reppin this steadily

the power of suggestion


yo I’m a sonic youth singing the mitochonrial blues

hypontenuse diabolical watching cartoons

sharp as harpoon Nommos Gilgamesh pitchfork

Hellspawn Fairfax Ragnarok Kilgore

conch shell infinity, supreme lotus deity

flea circus biofeedbackloopers, deep space machinery

fusion anomaly, Pan Ku Annunaki

microchip off the old block party

the harder they come the harder they fall

I drop more flows than Niagra Falls

off the wall, Andy Warhol candy car

Crab Nebula rap predator Vingt et Twois

Quicksand Carl Jung Kerouac Dharma Bum

I’m a crazy motherfucker like the brothers of Robert Crumb

chop your tongue off and mail it down to hell

cuz I woke up on the wrong side of the bed of nails

dogday afternoon Sirius B star system (Sirius B-Boy)

logorhythm moonshine ballistic

PL high detail, chillin with fly females

lazy, I never reply to an email

Inanonimity Ville with the meal ticket

food strike picket line, aint no rest for the wicked

morning star aurora borealis

wiping our ass with the boreal forest

taurus balancing scorpio

avalanche audio, catapult cargo

heart throb lucky charm outta harms way

my lexicon vex miniscus and yall are concave

dogday afternoon Sirius B star system

logorhythm moonshine ballistic


take it away, breakin it down, shaping the sound

makin it up, up in the cut, painting the town

letting it go, holding it in, holding a pen

ready to blow, blow with the wind, whos flowing again?

the z-z-zen master lens crafter bend backwards

and fracture emcees that are premanufactured

the Captain Clark after dark Tropic of Cancer

hunchback vs soldier, whos got the answer?

doppelganger evil twin, disciplinarianed Aquarian

carrying various amunition

transmission spectrum analyzer 

analyze the digital guiser, the handsomest tarantula spider

Twiz Thrizzy off the hizzy, still givin a mile

primordial mosquito deisel to the westnile

I keep the textile pattern kilopascal

its the Captain Clark baby, I been rappin a while

crackin a smile when I hear half of what I do

they lackin the style and cant fuck with 23 skidoo

I’m sippin a brew, mix residue

get revenue or end up with hell to do, yo I’m tellin you

sailing on sunshine, drifting on moonlight

spastic axis tilt, Natchez and back to Guelph

stackin the wax upon the shelf

stealth bomb Hellspawn Fairfax

cant cant relax cant relax cant cant

camel walrus dolphin blue jay upside down

inside out, blessed mess, you got no more time outs

double meaning, fucked up by the feeling

of hitting the ground, meanwhile I’m touching the ceiling

peeling back the layers of a sonic onion

feeding back the data within the condrium

mother tongue Kali Yuga skeleton necklace

Ozric Tentacles, champion’s breakfast

electric jellyfish, critical eye

killing the time by getting high

chilling, building and getting my shine on

electromagnet chaos magic trajectory

jet black jaguar, viper and centipede

sailing on sunshine, drifting on moonlight